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We have some users grouped with tags, as a result of some shift schedules they are a part of.


Does anyone have any hints how we can deep link to a tag, instead of a user?


I've followed the information on the below page which specifically targets linking to a user, but no hints on tags.<precanned text>


Any ideas? Is it possible?

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@EddAshforth Hi there - Can you share what you are trying to do with the deep link?  What is the expected behavior to someone who has the link? (meaning, where are they directed to?)


Hey @Laurie Pottmeyer,


Using the information in this article we know we can create links that, when clicked, take you straight to a chat with identified user. For example, the below link would create a chat with the user with email address "". This is fairly simple and works. 


Our use case is that we would like to enable our colleagues to be able to reach out to team mates who are on-call/rota'ed for a specific function. We have of our users tagged, so that they are pooled into at mentionable tags. This tagging is driven by the tagging by shift functionality.



Today we can ask the users to open Teams, click chat, click "New Chat" and start typing the tag into the "To:" field.




The goal we have is to have a pre-defined set of URLs that we can load into our other tools, so that in the event someone needs to contact the "OnCallEngineer", it's a one click action which will take the teams client straight to the users in the tag, rather than a multi click and remembering which tag you're requiring.

@EddAshforth -  Thanks for the additional context.  Interesting scenario and it completely makes sense.  Let me do a little digging to see if the team has thought about this and if it might be on the roadmap.  If anyone else is interested in this feature, please add your scenarios to the UserVoice item: Deep link to shift – Welcome to UserVoice!  Thank you!

I've shared your ask with the team and they've added this ask to their backlog (sharing your scenario really helped identify the need) and will continue to monitor requests for this ask as they're planning upcoming features. Thank you so much for sharing!
Thanks Laurie. I've come across a couple other things to do with shifts and power automate, so will raise ticket for that too.

Thanks for your focus!

Hello @EddAshforth  Just wanted to circle back with you with an answer from our engineering team:


Currently there isn't any way to deep link to tags/meeting but it's something the team would like to consider, depending on cost, and/or any other valuable scenarios.  In the meantime, please vote on that Uservoice item that Laurie mentioned above.   Thank you for being a member of the community.