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I try to deep link to the app Workday in MS Teams, it works fine in Desktop & Web, but it got below error when launch Teams mobile.


The link: 






We found that it could support deep link to chat in mobile, e.g. msteams://<mail address>

If we specific workday as user, it opens chat for Workday in Desktop & Web successfully, but it fail at mobile app.


Below is screenshot for desktop app:



Below is the screenshot for mobile app, cannot recognize the target user (e.g. for app workday which enabled bot) when send the message:

Chat Mobile.jpg


Does Teams mobile didn't support deep link to app feature? Or the schema of deep link is difference in mobile?  Please advice, thanks, have a nice day!

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Hi, this doc shows that this is currently not supported on mobile platforms. 


Screenshot 2020-12-28 at 19.43.51.png