Deactivating/Deleting User - Impact on Teams?

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What is the general process when employees leave with deactivation and deletion of users in terms of impact on teams?


The results of the teams search is ambiguous. In some cases deleted teams users are still found with name and profile picture, in other cases an anonymized profile is displayed, which is assigned to the former user. How can this behavior be explained? When users leave a company, it can be assumed that they also disappear from Teams.

I am aware of the retention period in Azure AD.

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In general, during deletion of an account it's 30 days in the suspended state where it can be restored with all it's properties. After those 30 days it will be permanently deleted. You can force the deletion with no ability to restore the account.

When it comes to data retention and data category this is the process

For teams it's all about the caching being made by the Teams service itself. Such as general user information which is cached for up to three days, while the Teams desktop client can cache some data up to 28 days. Here you have to sign out manually and Quit the Teams client for a proper refresh.