Deactivate Possibility to create channel meetings in specific Channels/Teams

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Hey Folks,
In our Org we have an org-wide Team where we communicate general topics to all, e.g. IT Info, etc. (Yammer ist already in our Pipeline)
Since we let Employees create meetings and we have a quite relaxed policy how they use Teams (without the self-service Team Creation) we have moderated the General Channel in our org-wide Team for Admins. This leads sometimes to People creating a channel meeting. Even with moderation on letting us Admins post into it it allows this option.
Is there a way or PS Script to prevent channel meetings to be planned in the General Channel?
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Hello, unfortunately you can only assign a per-user setting with a Teams meeting policy using -AllowChannelMeetingScheduling parameter.

Perhaps there’s a request for this at Teams UserVoice. Have a look and vote on it or create your own

Thank you!
Slight bummer that this is not channel/team specific but per user.
I therefore created the uservoice ticket and hope for the Teams Team to notice it