Daily Reporting by Front Line Staff

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We have a group of front-line staff serving disabled clients across numerous locations 24/7.


We've set up Teams for each location and require the staff to submit an end-of-shift report to the Team for viewing by all relevant staff (this will remove the current system of writing notes in a book/diary for subsequent staff to read).


We've created a template (word & fillable PDF) but that is inelegant and not easily completed on a mobile device.


I've tried MS Forms: but I'm not sure it's the right app unless I can be guided on better ways to retrieve that data. I can't find the right app to manage this. Something like an aircraft logbook that allows users to read the current state and history of the aircraft, or a diary perhaps?


Thanks in advance.

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The easiest way would be to apply the OneNote app to work on all your devices and easily sync it with multiple Microsoft accounts.
Notes are saved and easy to share by sharing your Notebook