Daily recorded message - looking for ideas

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Hello all,


We're using Teams Voice (Direct Routing), and I'm looking for ideas for the best way to accomplish a task.  


TASK:  Best way to allow an end-user to record and re-record a daily message/announcement/greeting, without eating up a full user license.  This recording would be a menu option on the after-hours AA. 


PROBLEM 1:  end users do not have the ability to create or modify Auto Attendants or any "announcements" used with the AA (yet, anyway...). 


My possible solution:  I thought I'd try a Common Area Phone license on a dedicated user account, and then set that line to forward to voice mail.  Was thinking that the user who records the messages could log in with the common area phone account, and just re-record the VM greeting each day, and set my AA menu option to "a person in the organization" (the CAP account).


PROBLEM 2:  Common Area Phone licenses do not support voice mail (unless something has changed).  


So I am trying to figure out how I can enable an end user to record a daily greeting that would play when a caller hits the after hours AA.  Ideally without eating a full E5 license.  Anyone have any ideas?  



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I think your best option is to give a user permission to change the announcement in the Auto Attendant, so they can do this themselves. Or assign a proper license so they get full voicemail, you don't need a full E5 instead you can use a E3 + Phone system add-on or E1 + Phone system add-on and Exchange Online Plan 2.