Customizing Employee Ideas App in MS Teams

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I have installed the Employee Ideas App in Teams.

However, I need to customize it with the following requirement:


  1. Employee can only view their own posted Ideas not, anyone else's.
    1. If the above is not possible, then except the own Idea, rest of all the Ideas should not show the name of who posted it?
  2. Need to have an approval Flow, Like:
    1. Once anyone submit the Idea, it should go to the reporting manager for approval.
    2. Once it is approved by the reporting manager, next approval should go to the Innovation Committee team for an approval.
    3. Once they approved, it should be visible in the App.

Let me know if this is doable or not?


If yes, how do we do it? any article for the same or if some steps can be followed in details.



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