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I don't know if this is how things were working even before my update, but when customizing the duration of my status, the values of the Status combo box appear behind the values of the time duration.


1. Click on your profile picture

2. Select/Click the arrow on the status control

3. Click "Duration"




It's not a big deal, I just need to click again on the "Busy" combo box in order to retrieve those values. But to me, UX can be better on these controls. I would expect something different like when selecting one control automatically hide the other (if they were selected before) or put in front the values of the first combo box.


Additional information:

Version: You have Microsoft Teams Version (32-bit). It was last updated on 11/3/2021.




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May you should use the 64-bit version if possible.
I have the same version, but 64-bit and everything works fine and smooth :)

@MoisesGonzaga It does not exist anymore, only for the status message.


It is still there, at least in my installed version. And the functionality is still the same. If you select the "Reset status after" combo box without selecting any option and then you click on the "Status" combo box, you will still have that functionality.


I guess everyone does this process the right way, select the status first and then select the reset combo box.