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I am struggling to customize a name display when a user makes an outbound call on behalf of a Resource Account.  Currently our Resource Accounts are built with a display name of 'CompanyABC Purchasing', 'CompanyABC Operations', etc.  As the first 15 characters are delivered to the PSTN, we would like to only display the name 'CompanyABC' instead of 'CompanyABC Purc' and 'CompanyABC Oper'.  We attempted to modify the display name by adding five spaces after CompanyABC and then continuing with the remainder of the name, but only one space is shown once the update has been saved.  We can build a test Caller ID Policy, but I am unsure how to apply it to the Resource Account or the associated Call Queue we are using for our teams.  Any suggestions on how this can be completed?



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@WJ_Analyst I have the same issue. We are using Teams/Channels as answering resources for call queues. The agents are able to use their Microsoft Teams clients / Teams / Calls / dialpad to choose the outbound caller ID, however, it's using the account name, not the Display name. Our account names use a technical naming convention to identify their purpose however it doesn't look 'friendly' to PSTN callers. 


I will investigate CID Naming options in PowerShell for resource accounts. 


If you figure it out... let me know ; )

Hello everyone,
we assigned a caller ID policy to the resource account, this does work, the outbound calls are signaling the company name / cnam / sip:from from the CallingLineIdentity.


Hi @fbrem_uzh, unfortunately we still do not have a solution for the customized group names.

Hello, you can create a new very basic CallingLineIdentity and assign it to the ressource account you use to make calls. The defined company name will be displayed to the call receivers.

New-CsCallingLineIdentity -Identity 'MyPolicyName' -CompanyName 'MyCompanyName'

Grant-CsCallingLineIdentity -Identity 'ressourceaccount' -PolicyName 'MyPolicyName'



I finally was able to complete the steps you provided and I can confirm this resolved our issue.  We are now able to add customized names for users making ourbound calls on behalf of a queue.


Your response is greatly appreciated.


Thank you!


Glad to hear that, well done! Could you mark my answer as the solution? Thank you!