Customer service with teams


Hi All,

As a library service we are trying to set up a new service where people can come in to use teams to talk to employment support worker based elsewhere.

The employment support workers would like people to make the call that is then diverted to the employee that picks up first. After this that call would be shut off to any other employees to offer the one to one service.

Is this something that can be done in Teams? 

Thanks for any help :)


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Hi Shereefollant, I don't know if I understand your requirements correctly, but I gues you are looking for some kind of call center solution. Microsoft Teams provides a built-in feature for this: Auto Attendant and Call Queue. It's powerful and offers a lot of basic features. You can find some detailed information here:
Yes. Call queues and auto attendants are the way to go. You should be able to route calls to different agents based on criteria (round robin Etc.) Here is a video guide to guide you through the setup

Hope this helps!