Custom Role for Template Admin?

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Does anyone know if there is a Teams Role customization that would allow someone to Manage Teams Templates? DO NOT want user to have Complete Teams Admin role.

Need is as this.  We have Bids and Proposals Group that creates Teams for each opportunity.

A few staff have been trained and given access to create new teams by using the O365 (aka Unified) group restriction of "AllowedtoCreateGroups" permission.

We have standard files (Word, Excel) for managing the new Bids and now that Custom Teams Templates are a thing, We want to create standard Bids Teams using our own standard files.


Problem is that I cannot figure out how to give the trained staff the ability to Manage the Custom Templates without them getting all the other Teams Admin rights.


 Do NOT want to use another Third Party solution.  We already use Qorus integration for upstream and are trying to have more standardized internal Teams workflow.


Any Ideas?

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Well, since we dont have support for custom roles/RBAC for Teams, your only option is to use one of the built-in roles that offer this functionality. Or build a custom workflow/webpage that only exposes this functionality, while using a more privileged role on the backend.