custom protocol links not supported

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Many applications use custom protocols. For example iManage uses the protocol iwl: to allow users launch documents from iManage


Why is this not supported in Teams? It's ok to add links to "standard" protocols like https: but why not allow for users to enter links to the custom protocols their team may be using? But when you hit Ctrl+K and you type your custom protocol into the link it says "invalid url".


In addition to this it should also be made possible to copy data into the Clipboard that, when pasted into a Teams Chat, automatically resolves to a Custom URL link

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In fact there even is a "precedent" for this in Microsoft Office. If, for example, you use a Custom Protocol "foo" in your organisation you can get your Office applications to trust this protocol by entering this into your registry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\<version>\Common\Security\Trusted Protocols\All Applications\foo:

so you should be able to quite easily do something similar for Teams, e.g. by letting teams check a key like

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Teams\Common\Security\Trusted Protocols\All Applications\foo:

@rozeboosje370 There is a Uservoice item on this - you might want to vote for it: why don't custom protocols work when inserting links – Welcome to UserVoice!

I tried this, but it doesnt seem to work for MS Teams.

Is there any solution to allow custom url protocol now (after several months) ?



it would seem with the latest update Outlook no longer honors this, and in fact now strips the links entirely. not even an option to click anything.
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Hi @rozeboosje370, @Filip_Zimcik, @chrweiw,
as user voice is not used anymore, I raised a feedback on the feedback portal of MS for Teams.
If you are still interested, maybe up vote for this feature request and comment it with your specific use case.