Custom notification pop-up on incoming call

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Hello all,


We are orienting at implementing a Teams VOIP solution within our company. We like the features it offers, but missing an important one: I nowhere found any information on custom notifications for incoming phone calls. What I'm looking at, is a kind of Adaptive Card, that shows some client information. Similar approaches, like launching an URL or an Power App, are also welcome.


Do you guys have anything in mind that would suit our needs?


Appreciate any replies!

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I support your ask. Lack of customized notification sounds makes Teams next to useless for me. The packaged MSoft sounds all sound alike and I miss most if not all chat requests.

In Skype for example, I used a Duke Nukem "Get back to work slacker!" notification for new chats. The few times when I was in an office, people would inform me that someone had pinged me in Skype even when I was away from the desk. Now, it's just another "beep, boop, blub" in Teams and is missed.

@Piebe You can use Teams Wizard. Since a few weeks, it supports to execute actions on incoming calls (command line or URL) as well as reverse number lookup. Find all information here: