Custom MS Teams background cropping

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Our company has created a couple of backgrounds for MS Teams, however for some people the backgrounds appear to be cropping and cutting out some of the background.


The images are 1920 x 1080 pixels, so unsure why for some people it works while for others it crops.


Is it a settings problem that some people might have on their computer? Because it seems like a simple upload procedure. Any help would be appreciated!

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Same issue here. I would love to have a satisfactory answer.



Having the same issue here......any update here as to a resolution?
Unfortunately no update :( Still having the same issue.
facing similar issue.
we are trying to use the similar background, but a few of the participants' background are displayed 'cropped'. all are using laptops (not HP), so i guess type of device isn't a factor for the issue.


My IT guy managed to find the problem for me. It was the camera aspect ratio. 

I went to the camera app of my laptop and in settings, I found that the aspect ratio of my video was 4:3 and that is why the background was being cropped. It had nothing to do with the Teams application, rather with the camera of my laptop. So, I resized the image I wanted to match the 4:3 ratio and now it is perfect.

Hope this helps.