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I'm trying to determine if it is possible to create a Tab in a Channel that everyone in the Team can see.


A tab to a web site for example.  If I add it, I can see it, but nobody else can.  I'd like to be able to add a tab and have it be there for everyone.  


Is this possible?  How?




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Yes, add a new tab and select ”website” paste url and you’re all set.



Hi, yeah, that works great.  For me.


How do you make that same tab show up for all Team members?



It’s visible to all team members by default when adding website. So will need more info or screenshots here.



this is a test public channel in a private team.


I created the calendar test and teamstest1.png is my UI.

Travis created the Travis-Test tab and everyone in the group could see it

I created the Calendar test tab, but only I can see it.  


teamstest2.png shows Travis' UI


This is true for all the users, not just Travis.


The difference between the two posts is mine is a web page and his is a Word doc


I tried creating a Word document tab, and it DID propagate to the rest of the team members.  



What happens if Travis add a tab with website and url?



sorry for the delay, weekend and all...


He doesn't have that as an option.  Do you suppose since the app has been restricted for him, thats why it isn't showing up?

When I have a minute, I'll need to go look at the app policies and add that I suppose.  posting here first to get thoughts




- Brad

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Hi @Bradley Wood, I had the same situation today in a customer project. Is it possible that you restrict the 3rd party apps in your Teams Admin Center and disallow 3rd party apps? For example, when you disabled the Website app in the global app policy for every user. And you create a user-based app policy, which allows the website app and assigns this policy "Allow Website app" to your Teams account. Then you will be able to add a website as Tab to a channel and you will be able to see this tab. Any other user, who is using the global app policy, will not see the tab because the Website app isn't allowed.


HI @Thorsten Pickhan 


This must be it.  I thought taking the app away only meant they couldn't add tabs.  I didn't realize it would prevent them from seeing tabs I had loaded.


I've added that app to the policy.  after propagation, I'll test and report back tomorrow.



Hi @Bradley Wood, just released a blog post about ;)

Side effects by Microsoft Teams App permission policy | Office 365 Blog (


Do you have a short feedback? Did you assign an apps permission policy and could you resolve the issue by modifying it?

Hi @Thorsten Pickhan 


thanks for the Ping.  the first time I edited the policy, i guess I didn't save, so I had to do it again yesterday.  


This indeed was the problem.  Once I allowed Website in policy, everyone on the Team was able to see the Tab I created.


Thank you

Glad to hear this got sorted out. When posting the next time Bradley, please add all details. As you had configured a policy but didn’t mention that.

Thorsten, great reply.

Merry Christmas!