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Teams allows you to use a set of images selected by Microsoft as the background for meetings. It’s a nice feature, even if it lacks the ability to upload and use a custom image of your own. This capability was promised, but it looks as if Microsoft knows they need to some work on admin framework before they allow people to upload their own images.

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It will be great when they do. Then you could have some custom branding representing you.@Tony Redmond 

You can upload your own pictures... @Tony Redmond 
It might not be so easy for any user -but just open appdata folder and upload picture(s) to



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Yep. was updated once the information started floating around the net to tell people about how to upload their custom images for PC and Mac. Note that this is unsupported by Microsoft (but the custom images work).

@Sava_Jeremic PERFECTLY worked for me, thanks a lot!

The folder is named "Uplaods" (with an s) for me though.

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@Sava_Jeremicsorry i don't understand where/how to find that folder, i'm using windows 10 can you help please?

Go to any search bar and add %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds

And you’ll find the uploads folder

@adam deltinger  I can't find it either... is it a hidden folder (pc)

of course I found it just after I posed my question

users\<userid>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds  and you need to add them to the uploads folder....


Hi Kate,

Try here: c:users\<youruserid>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds and you need to add them to the uploads folder....


I also cannot locate that folder, but I do have the new backgrounds (stock)... I'm also on Windows 10.


I've searched the entire AppData folder for "backgrounds" and nothing comes up for microsoft.


Could someone who has successfully located this folder share a filename of one of the stock images to search on?  Also, does anyone know where this is stored for the mac version?

Thank you for all help :)

@jenncarneiro  Have you tried after joining a meeting and selecting the background effects option? This causes the folder to be created...

@Tony Redmond  - Thank you. I had only used that feature on my mac so far.
I have now done it on windows and found the folder :)

One of the files is called fluentspaces3.png which i used the same image as a background on mac.

I searched this filename on mac and had no results.


Does anyone know the folder location on macOS Mojave? The location listed in the linked article does not exist for me unfortunately.

@jenncarneiro I also don't have this feature. I don't think all versions of Teams has this feature yet. I am using the desktop app in Windows 10 Pro on Teams Version (64-bit). For those of you that it's working for can you tell me your version and how you got it? I go to update and it says I have the most current but I don't have the option to add a background.

Actually I read the full OP link - looks like we need version which I don't have yet.




I am using Our company updates it automatically.  We only noticed this change in the last few days. Up to this week we were just blurring backgrounds. with working from home we are having daily team meetings so we are using Teams constantly!


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I still don't have it on the majority of devices. Though same user when logs into another machine gets it there. We are on



Hi - Thanks for the reply.


I have the feature and am using it - just unable to determine where image files are stored on mac.


If you have the latest update and aren't able to use the feature it's probably not rolled out to your tenant yet. They are slowly rolling things out. Yesterday I had more backgrounds available than the day before!


If anyone knows where these images are stored on mac, all help is appreciated :)


Thank you,


In MacOS, the Library folder is sometimes hidden. A search in Finder should help you find the following location:

 /users/<your username>/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/Backgrounds/Uploads

Thank you!@Dane_Thomas 


The search did not work actually, I had to make the Library folder visible first.

That's usually one of the first things I do with a new computer is ensure all files and folders are visible but in this case it specifically needed to be set from the user home folder.


In Finder from the user home folder: View | View options: check the box next to Library folder.


This is going to be a lot of fun :)