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One of my teams never checks her Chat messages. 

She wants people to stop messaging her and have them call her or email her. People ignore the out-of-office messages.  Does Teams have a way you can just shut off your chat so people cannot send messages other than blocking an individual? it's stressful when people send important info in a Chat but we don't have the time to constantly check to see what chat messages were humor banter and others messages that are business-critical.   There should be an option to customize the message like this.



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@KDixonKDixonUSAnewJer  Hmm...maybe you should just remove her name from the team.  


There is a way to block people outside of the organization but not within one.  Anyone else have any suggestions.

that doesn't solve what I am trying to do. Often team members don't need to be available to chat, I would kick them off the team. I merely think that an Option to alert, like I suggested, would be helpful. but thanks for the suggestion.

@KDixonKDixonUSAnewJer  If you'd like to make a feature suggestion - or see if someone else has already made a similar one - we encourage users to do so at our Feedback Portal.

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Thank you, Yes I did a search there. On my own self discovery I actually did find that if a user adds a Message it will display for anyone posting a chat they will see, although there is a still an issue if they ignore the message they can continue to leave a message. it's kinda like if 911 had a an answering machine. Typing in the chat "URGENT MESSAGE, Trip is being moved, DON"T BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS"........ I have also input a feedback suggestion. It would be a helpful way to be able to shut it off with the confidence of not missing an urgent message. I appreciate your time. Have a great day.