Custom App on Logi Scheduler

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We've just released an app and I've stuck it in the Global App Policy as well as the Global Setup Policy to place it on the rail. 


However, not long after we did that, the custom app is appearing as an icon on our Logitech Tap Schedulers! 


How has that happened and how can I stop it! Wasn't expecting that one! 



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@Spudgun I assume your TAP is configured as a Teams Panel, i.e. for booking the room perhaps outside the meeting room. Details on controlling custom apps is here Microsoft Teams apps/Line of Business (LOB) app support on Teams panels - Microsoft Teams | Microsof...


In short, create a separate Teams App Setup Policy for the service accounts used by the panels so you can control which apps show.


Thank you Steven! This was a big help, I hadn't considered creating policies for the panels themselves but this has worked. Just created a separate, very basic policy and removed the offending app. Cheers! (Although now I'm curious as to how far this can go and will look at creating/looking for nice apps to go on the panels!)