Cursor Movement In Teams Excel Sheet

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Does anyone know how to change the direction the cursor moves in a Excel spreadsheet in Teams? I cannot find the option to change it from moving down to the next cell, to moving to the right to the next cell. I know how to change this in Excel itself, but haven't been able to locate this option within Teams. This is very annoying when trying to populate a sheet where you input information across a row.

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Select the File tab of the ribbon to open the File menu. Select Options in the menu to open Excel Options. Select Advanced in the left-hand pane of the dialog box. In the Editing Options section, go to After pressing Enter, move selection in the right-hand pane.



That is the thing, I don't get "options"...If I click on File, this is what I see:



I cannot find how to do this either. Like David has said, there is no "Options" tab under the File tab in Teams. Please advise @Lewis-H 

I am in a similar position to the people already replying to this topic, but under File > Options I only have Regional Settings.
I find the cursor behaviour pretty annoying, it's something of a user preference. So... why can't we change it?