Cross Tenant Team and Insecure Files not able to be opened

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We have a cross tenant set up with an external organization and just before the holidays, files shared in the channels started coming across from the other organization as insecure and we can no longer open them from Teams.  Is anyone else having this issue?
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It is not uncommon for issues to arise when sharing files between organizations, especially if there are different security protocols in place. There are a few potential causes for the issue you are experiencing:

  1. The file may be blocked by the security protocols of one of the organizations. This could be due to the file type, the content of the file, or the source of the file.
  2. The file may be corrupted or damaged in some way, causing it to be unreadable by the receiving organization.
  3. There may be a connectivity issue between the two organizations, preventing the file from being transferred correctly.

To troubleshoot this issue, you may want to try the following:

  1. Check the security protocols of both organizations to see if there are any restrictions on the file type or content.
  2. Test the file by trying to open it on a different device or using a different file viewer.
  3. Check the connectivity between the two organizations to see if there are any issues that may be causing the file transfer to fail.
  4. If none of these steps resolve the issue, it may be necessary to contact the support teams for both organizations to seek further assistance.

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Thank you @Ahmed_Masoud97, we will walk through the security protocols and ensure they are set properly.  Appreciate your quick response!

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You are more than welcome, we all need help and each time anyone can give, so why not to help :)

It's a pleasure to help, please keep me updated :)

Currently we are Prestige Primrose Hills working Microsoft teams but I am facing some issues like unable to share some format files like PPT or PDF to the external users. 

Thank You @Ahmed_Masoud97 We are Prestige Primrose Hills We need a Solution from your side that is how can we give permission to access files in Microsoft teams , Please  Keep me posted Update 

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