Cropping video image when multiple people on call

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As above, when in a one to one meeting this isn’t a problem but if a third person or more joins the call the videos are all re-sized/re-positioned and the receiving parties view our video image as cropped on both sides, so unless you sit in the centre of the camera they cannot see you (fine it it’s only you but not good when you have a group of people in the room). Is there any solution to this? Surely the video should just condense in size, i.e. get smaller to accommodate the whole room, not crop either side?
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Does it work by right clicking the video and select “fit to screen”?
On our side it appears normal. Do you mean the receiving person right clicking and attempting that? Although would that be the best thing to do if we are on a multi-person call?


I'm having this issue as well with our boardroom meetings.

Any help would be great. 

@Cameorn_Ovenden This will happen unless one of these is true


  • The remote person viewing the video chooses Fit to Frame manually (from the corner of the video feed)
  • You are using a Teams Room System (Android or Windows) which is automatically set to Fit to Frame.

What are you using to run the meeting in your boardroom?

Is there any way to force or default Fit to Frame from the source account?


The issue I am having is from a Windows 11 OS, I share a presentation and my camera is then cropped. For live viewers they can manually choose Fit to Frame on my camera feed, but it would be much better if they didn't need to do that. There is also the issue of recordings showing the cropped camera feed, is there a way to force Fit to Fram for recordings, if not in general?

@VictorTLA How are you sharing the presentation? If the slides are taking up most of the screen isn't it best you are cropped to the side. You could use Presenter Modes or PowerPoint Cameo to be part of the slides although they don't record at the moment.

@Steven Collier Generally I'm sharing the whole screen, and yes, having my camera feed small and in the gallery or to the side is preferred however the auto fill Fill frame gives a cropped image. It would be much better if Fit to frame could be set as the default to see the entire video image.