Creating Standard Teams Sites or Channel

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I know there are Teams Site Templates - but doesn't seem it s all things that I want to create a same look and feel


I want to be able to auto create Teams Sites "and" Teams Channels with the same tabs across the top to connected apps..

  • Calendar
  • Planner or AzureDevops
  • OneNote
  • *Salesforce (when available)

Also update Files tab  to add a cloud storage to  an existing SP doc library. 


I would be happy with a Copy Teams site or Copy Channel.

I would be happy to use PowerAutomate, PowerShell, or a 3rd party tool to create as well as add my standard apps and tabsm- is this a method?  We want some standardization that our user will have -without them forgetting or not applying the steps themselves.


Note - I was able to auto create a Teams Channel from Forms subission using PowerAutomate - I woudl then need to udpate the channels to then nclude all the standard settings like the above.


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