Creating smaller groups within a Teams channel?

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I am running an online program created in Teams with 9 channels within the Teams domain. I will have different groups going through the program at the same time so they will be using the same content. I don´t want them to see what other groups are doing so I am wondering if it is possible to create smaller groups within each channel?

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You can't subdivide a channel. Solution is to use private channels: then only people who you give access to will see the information in that channel. If you are not part of a private channel, you can't see it. Here is how to set them up, when creating the channel create them as private as opposed to standard channels and add the required users


Create a channel in Teams (


Hope that answers your question


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Thanks for the quick answer! I have the channels set to private already. So that means that I will have to copy the channel for each new group that will attend the program? That will create a lot of channels over time....

Hi @Helene1685 


Yes I understand - the responsibilities of the Team Owner should include that they actively manage channels over time to prevent channel sprawl, same as Teams. 


There are a few alternatives:

  • You could look to use Group Chat instead, and amend the group chat titles to reflect
  • You could look to use access to a Standalone SharePoint Site and control it that way

I don't think from what it sounds like, they will be effective as private channels. Now, there has been quite a few asks over the years for creating channels within channels, so I have raised a feedback for it here


Nth Level Channels · Community (


You can vote up on it and follow it so you should be notified if Microsoft ever pick it up


Hope that answers your question


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Thanks for your support and suggestions! I will vote for that feedback.

A question about setting up a Standalone Sharepoint site. How can I learn more about that? I am not an experienced Sharepoint user....
Here we go

Basically you would subdivide the site and give people the appropriate access. It's more administratively heavy that doing it by channels, but it could be an option
Would this solution be better?
I was thinking that I can copy the team and the channels to a new team for each group that goes through the program. The problem is that the channels are now in private mode so I can´t change them into standard I guess... Is there any work around here so that I don´t have to create all the channels once again?
You could do this with Teams templates if using teams

However, like channels you would just need to manage the Teams so you don't create too many :D In the case of Teams, however, you can look to use Team expiration policies so if they aren't used for say 90 days, the teams are automatically removed.

Hope that helps

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That sounds great! Will look into the template, sounds like a perfect solution.

The program runs for about 90 days so I can delete the team after it has finished the program.

Thanks so much for your support, I really appreciate it!

Best, Helene