Creating a Shortcut of a file from one Team Channel to another

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Has anyone found a way to create a shortcut link for a file that is hosted in Team Channel A and I'd like to link it into Team Channel B?      So only the 1-excel file is being worked on. 

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Hi @DHarrison  Please complete your post so we better understand what you're asking about.  Thank you.

@DHarrison , I am also looking for a way to do this as I am unable to figure it out as well. Thank you for asking this question.

@Therese_Solimeno , we are looking for a way to create a shortcut link of a file (word, excel, etc.) that exists in one Teams channel (channel A) and add the shortcut link to another Teams channel (channel B) so when someone updates/edits the file then it is updated in both channel A and B. The same as you can do in Google Workspace (by selecting "Add Shortcut to Drive" in the google document, and adding it to another drive folder).
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@DHarrison You can solve it by doing the following (but it is not a pretty solution that i recommend...)


  • Copy the link to your document (in Teams).
  • Then go to the channel where you want a link to the document.
  • Click on the "Files tab"  and then select "Open in SharePoint".
  • When the document library opens, click "New" and select "Link".
  • Paste the url you copied into the document, and then save.

Now you can go back to the channel and see in "Files" that the link is available there.
(Once again, this is an ugly solution but if it works for you then it works.) :smile:



@MagnusGoksoyrOLDProfile This looked like just the answer I have been looking for but despite following each of the steps successfully when I clicked on the link I got an error message with a type of sorting hat saying:


Thies item might not exist or is no longer available.


This item may have been deleted, expired or you might not have permission to view i.  Contact the owner of this item for more information.   The a 'Go to the list' button.


I do have access and obviously opened the document in SharePoint to be able to copy the url - any other ideas.  This is a real limitation, as I don't want lots of duplicates of one file save in different locations which makes it a problem to manage when updates are made of the version changes.



This method worked perfectly for me.

@MagnusGoksoyrOLDProfile Hi- has there been any further updates to this? the current solution only allows a link to the online version, which is no good. Id like it to link within Teams. Thanks

@AnastasiaLogan I believe this is actually there.  I simply went to the Files tab of the channel in which the file 'lives' (although as all of us understand, the file is actually living in Sharepoint...just visible in Teams).  I selected the 'copy link' option from the ellipses of the file.  The standard link dialogue box from Sharepoint popped up.  Our org defaults to 'everyone in your organization'.  I actually wanted it limited to those that are in the team.  So I changed to 'those with existing access' link type, created/copied it.  Then I went to the other channel where I wanted to have access to the file (but not create a copy, as has been rightly pointed out as a bad idea).  In the post, I just pasted the link.  Teams automatically knew not only to not print the long ugly Sharepoint link, but it actually created the link in the new post as a file icon...and moreover it shows where the source file lives in the Teams structure.  I believe I recall this has been around for a while in Teams.  I used it in a previous org (this is years ago), and am only returning to it in this instance for this new org.  And the look/feel is very much like what I remembered years back.  In other words, I think this has been there for a while (and maybe just not known that it was that simple?)


For whatever it's worth, the two channels that are cross referencing each other are both 'standard' channel types (meaning that team members have access to these channels).  I don't know if mixing/matching private or share channels would be the same.


Hope that helps, and hope it works for whomever is interested.