Creating a Shared Calendar


I have an existing Team to which I'd like to add a Shared Calendar. I've found instructions to create a Calendar App in SharePoint, bring that Calendar URL over to a Teams Website Tab, and use Connect to Outlook on the Calendar page. 


Problem 1 - It's not allowing me (the admin/owner) to add appointments. It brings up the appointment dialog but it's not saving. 

Problem 2 - It's not allowing me to Connect to Outlook. The option is greyed out and says this control is currently disabled. Although, sometimes when I refresh the page I can choose to "Connect to Outlook". When I do so, nothing happens; when I hover my cursor over the button the link just reads "javascript:;". 


Creating a shared calendar for a Team is seemingly an absurdly difficult task. What am I doing wrong? 

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Did you get anywhere @Anthony-123 this is now what I would like to do too. I was thinking it's limited to what subscription your employer has etc.

I am facing the same issue.