Creating a library of Teams meetings

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Our organization is starting a series of lunch and learns that can be attended IRL and remotely. We are recording the sessions through Teams so we can also create a library of topics for those unable to attend by hosting the videos in our Absorb software and/or by uploading to our YouTube channel.

I downloaded the video but the screen was extremely dark (not an issue experienced by attendees) and, since it was a 30 min session, the video was over 2000MB. I am having to lighten and reduce the video quality/size to make it more usable. 


Are there any best practices that could make this process easier? This was my first attempt at recoding a session.

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@MicahPonce If you watch the recording from Teams does it look as expected? You are always goingto find downloading a recording from one source (SharePoint) and then uploading to another a fairly slow process, why not keep it in SharePoint?