Creating a Daily Report with Microsoft Teams

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Hello, i would like to create reports within a team, daily or weekly is fine. It should be accessible to everyone in that team and it needs a nice UI, or something to make it easily accessible, so that for example i can enter a date and find the activities for that day

It should be structured like this:



Activities in a row


Activity2 etc.


Any ideas how i can accomplish this easily?

Edit: I had a look at Jell, it's kind-of what i need, but with it asks me for yesterday, i want that for the current day

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Had a look at Planner?

@adam deltinger Yes, that's not what i need. It's for work activties that i've done. For example "today i have repaired xyz" and in the next row "today i helped xyz with xyz" 

@Jan1231110 did you find a tool for this to integrate with teams? 

Hey, you can try to use wiki for that. Create a table with desired columns and add rows daily. Will it solve your issue?