Created a filter by "On going" tasks in a tab. But new members are not appearing.

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With my team, we have a tab in a channel where we put all the tasks, the owner and the status (On going, On hold, Closed) of each one.

I created a filter called "On going" in order to only see the On Going tasks. That filter can also be filtered by owner. 

Problem here is that aprox 1 month AFTER I created that filter ("On going") I added 2 new members to the team. And they are not appearing in that filter but they do have On Going tasks. I mean, when I filter by "On Going" and I want to filter by those new members they not appear as tasks Owners, I only can filter by the members/owners that were in the teams group at the moment I created the "On Going" filter.  I can only see the tasks of the new members if I select "All Items" instead of my "On Going" filter. 


Any ideas? THANKS!!

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