Create sharepoint news from teams - is it possible?

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I've create a news tab on a channel but I can only read news. Is it possible to write news from teams? So I don't have to go to sharepoint to write news, would be a lot easier if I could do it from teams. 


Maybe use Microsoft Forms with Flow, hack something 

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Hi @fredricz,


Any SharePoint site that is show in Teams is hiding the "New" buttons to create news as you have found. 


There are 2 work arounds that are not ideal here:-


1. Click the open in SharePoint icon at the top of the tab that you have the news open in. You will then be able to create news from the page that opens. 


2. Create a tab called "Create News" link it to a new Page in SharePoint that you create called "Create News". On that SharePoint page put a quick link that links to this address -<site name>/_layouts/15/CreateSitePage.aspx?source=%2Fsites%2F<sitename>&promotedState=1  . It looks like this as a tab:- 


news in teams.PNG


You still need to visit SharePoint to publish the page, although a Flow may be able to be written to do that for you.  


Both of these methods are a bit of a hack. I am sure there are probably a couple of other ways to do it that other people may know about.


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