create serval calling directory in MS teams for serval shops



how i can create (as an admin) in MS teams serval  calling directories to include the employees in different shops/branches.


so for example: when a customer call the main branch, the employee who answer the call, will be able to verify the available employees in the other shops ( users in the customized directories) and forward the call to them if needed.


I think that each user can create his own directory in Teams and add the desired users. but can the admin of the tenant push this setup?



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@Karim Hossam This isn't really native in the product. It's really an operator console requirements, and a third party product like Landis or PeterConnects would likely have an answer where you can answer a call and check on people's availability to transfer.


I'm not really sure how this would really work in a retail format though, how would you determine the availability of staff that are on the shop floor? Wouldn't it make more sense to transfer to a call queue connected suitably to find someone in the store?