Create "deep link" to a particular place in a word document - like a heading or bookmark

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We have a request from our user community to be able to create a direct "deep link" to a particular part of a word document. For example, we have a pretty long word document that has headings and subheadings and so on, and instead of sending a link to the user and telling them to to Heading 2.3, would be nice if we could just send them a link that opened exactly where we want them to go.


I read a bit about deep linking but this is something we need to be able to have users do. 


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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@Bryan Schmiedeler 


Yes, this would indeed be a useful feature.

I imagine being able to deeplink to OneDrive/SharePoint documents by adding a fragment to the end of the (online) location, e.g. #_bookmark-name. This way, the document structure would need no change, as the already available bookmarks could be used. From within the Cloud-version of Word, I suppose it would be nice to be able to add an option to the context-menu for (internal) hyperlinks in a document, named "copy link to this bookmark". That way, it would be easy to copy the location and paste it is an online app.


Secondly, it would be nice to be able to open an (online) Word document with the search-panel open and to include search keywords in the location of the document, e.g.[...]&keywords=<mykeywords>&resultIndex=3

This would open the Word document with the search phrase "<mykeywords>" and the position in the document would be the third search result (if available).