Create "Class Materials" from API

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There is any way to create on a Education Class Team the creation of the "Class Materials" Folder using any API? I'm looking on Graph v1 and Beta and don't find anything.


What I want to do is to create this folder before I copy documents to this folder using a automated process.

If i create this folder on the SharePoint group site and copy all my files there and them go to Teams and click on the Files tab, will create a new folder called "Class Materials (Auto recovered 0)".

So I get 2 folder:

- Class Materials with the files

- Class Materials (Auto recovered 0) without any file


When I create a team using Graph the folder don't exist, so I want on my deployment process to "ignite" the creation of this specific folder first and then copy the files to that folder.


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@PedroMMonte I am in exactly in the same situation, did you find any solution?

@Ouali2200No, I didn't found a way to create the folder and Teams associated with the "shortcut", it always creates another folder.

I end up creating a different document library "Class Materials (bck)" and then copy the files when teams create the folder.


Still this time I didn't research again about this.