create Org-Wide team from Root Tenant communication site

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Does anyone know of a way to create a team using a communication site? What am I trying to do specifically is create an Org Wide team using the root tenant sharepoint site as the back-end.


We recently started a new tenant site and by default the root tenant site was a communication site and not a classic/teams site.

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It's not possible to tie a group to a comm site. Maybe once they allow us to make a group site looks like a comm site that will be an option, but until then it's not possible. They showed this back at ignite last year I believe, not sure where the feature went.

Hi @jackfight, MS Teams rely on Office 365 Groups to work and SPO #Comsite cannot be connected to Group, meaning you need a Group Connected Team site in the root URL to enable Teams for it. 
As far as I can see it won't work with a #comsite.


Just for fun I tried to use Invoke-SPOSiteSwap a normal team site with the root comsite, and when it did work the option to connect the site to a Group disappeared. ;)


Hope this helps.




@Chris Webb Okay, I thought that might be the case, thanks for the speedy response. 

@Jimmy Hang Thanks for the feedback Jimmy. I guess I will wait to see if Microsoft eventually makes this possible. 

Just wanted to say I came here with the exact same intent, was disappointed to find out it isn't possible. I would say that "once you make an Org-Wide-Team", it's only natural wanting to make that team's SharePoint site your "Root Tenant Communication Site".

Hope that option is coming soon.