Create document link that opens office doc in app

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I have a Team with lots of documents in it. Created an Excel Spreadsheet where I want to keep a list of documents and links, with a description of the doc, a category of what is in it, and so on. 


How can I control how the document is opened? My preference is to open the doc in the app, like MS Word or MS Excel or something like that. If I just go and grab the link for the document it opens up Teams in my browser which is the least desirable option.


Another thing that would be very nice is to be able to add a link from within the Excel spreadsheet directly, like you can do in conversations.




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It’s a great ask. Microsoft are currently working on opening files in the app by default

Been some time since the last update. If you vote for it you’ll be notified when the status is updated.

This will show you how to get the link of the excel within the excel sheet if that is what you mean

If not, I would raise a uservoice or see if there is a uservoice raised.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris