Create button in Assignments.....

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Suddenly disappeared.....any solutions??
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@ps007 Hello, same issue online?


I assume you're using the desktop app so sign out / sign in manually (top right corner).


If no success, clear the Teams cache. Type %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams (via Start button) and hit enter. Delete all content in the Teams folder.


If on mac ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams

In the app from play store, Lenovo 5.1.1. No possibility of opening on a browser, chrome, Firefox and edge not compatible. Haven’t tried IE possibility of arranging another device because of restricted cache cleared. Thanks

@ps007  I am wondering if this feature has been removed? I was using class notebook to create assignments and had mapped it with canvas but this no longer seems to be working either. I would create the assignment (the lost ribbon tab) and life was good. Now, I may have to redesign my online classes.

My issue was different. Yours is different.....connections to LMS within one note has been disabled though if your admin enabled grade sync within teams, the canvas can be mapped again via grade sync can still create assignments and distribute it though......