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I hope that someone can help me because I am a bit lost.


I wanted to develop a teams app that I could distribute to other teams.


Initially, I thought that MS Graph could help me achieve this objective. My app need to fetch the list of members of a team, fetch the list of channels of a team, post message to a channel and post a message to a user (DM). Unfortunately, the app token cannot post message so I had to find an alternative. 


I am hoping I can use the botframework but I cannot find answers to my question:

(1) Once the bot has been built, how do I distribute it? In the Slack world, you get an oauth link that others can click on. In return, you get a bot token which allows you to GET/POST the Slack api. I am not sure if there is an equivalent in the botframework world?

(2) Is the botframework only available in node, python and .net? I would like to use PHP, please let me know if this is not possible



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So here is some of the information on how Teams Apps works... it might be repeated but let me give you all the steps...

from Microsoft Teams Store app try to install the App which is called Here is the URL for it...

one you add this app to your Teams.. you start building and creating your new apps base on what ever code or functions you use... you do have all the functions... like create new app, bot Management, or simply import an existing app to continue and customized it in Teams...

once you are done... and your app is fully ready... you can publish the app to individual members, post to limited or everyone in the Org using Teams Admin Center, or you can publish it to Azure to access through Teams app store.

Here is the link for Teams apps >

Here is the docs on Managing your Apps in Teams Admin Center >

Hope that helps.... BTW this is my 500th Post on Microsoft Tech Community you got this Lucky number....