Create a Pop-Up Window with Rules & Regulations?

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Is it possible to create a pop-up with the rules & regulations for remote learning system we drafted when students login to or open Teams? With the possibility to accept or decline, to which then the system would inform us who accepted and who declined? If not, is there any other kind of way to go about this.


Reason behind this is because we are a school using Teams for online learning, and we drafted some Rules & Regulations as a guideline for students to follow.



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Hi @IanDeguara,

This feature doesn't exist today. However, there is a uservoice open here and it is currently under review

Would recommend you vote to push it up the agenda. This is very pertinant particularly for initial rollouts. It should not only be in place but customisable. There is potentially a few workarounds, like create an org wide Team so everyone is in it and have a form within it for users to complete, or put the terms on the wiki/web app in each team. However, these are no substitue for this kind of feature

Please vote and get others to do so. Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


Thanks for your help in the matter.