Create a list of clickable links to posts in a Teams channel

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Hi all


In a Teams channel we post tips about Microsoft 365.

I want to create a list of those tips with links to the tips. I have tried using Microsoft Lists which looks good and I can categorise each tip ... but clicking on the link doesn't work. The link tries to open Teams .... which it is already.


I'm working in user adoption so I don't want solutions that add more clicks. I'd just like for users to be able to click on the link and they go to the tip. The link does work (after a hesitation) if you click on it from SharePoint. But I don't want people to have to open the list in SharePoint. It defeats the object.

Also, the export to Excel option to capture the links from the List doesn't work either; the export just shows plain text and not the link.


I'll find a way with OneNote or a PDF .... but if anyone has the answer with a List which is theoretically the best option, I'd love to know.

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By the way, using the "Link" column in a List doesn't work, because a Teams post contains more than the maximum 255 characters in a List link.