Create a custom Microsoft Teams documentation/procedure manual for my Workplace

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My Workplace has recently adopted Microsoft teams and we are trying to move task management to Microsoft Teams.
So for example we will use Planner to Receive entry letters in Admin section and send it to Procurement section and then to Finance section, etc.
Is there a convenient way to create a documentation or procedure manual that can be viewed within Microsoft teams that shows the task routes that are set in my workplace?

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You could simply create de Word document or even a Visio Diagram with the process, upload it to a channel in Teams and them add the file as a tabs in the channels where you need it

Hi@faizan80 ,


For ease of  updating this document and with the possibility of having further policies and procedures within your business I would create a central SharePoint Team site to host the files and then link to it in each Microsoft Team. That way if you update the document it automatically updates rather than having to go to each team and re-upload the document. 


Hope that helps.



@Andrew Hodges  can you help me understand what you mean by link the documents to each Microsoft team?  What is the best way to link to teams?