Create a channel where only the owner/s can see all messages

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is it possible to create a channel where for example 2 owners can see every message posted but the members can only see the messages they have posted + the replys from the owners.


Lets say the team consists of 20 people, 2 of those are "owners" and the whole team can send messages into this channel which only the original poster and owners of the channel can see all other people would not be able to see messages from other people except the owners and original poster

The reason is to have a space where the owners could get all questions and have them in one place rather than every team member asking them directly from each person

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No, channels are "shared" spaces where each member can contribute. You can use private chats instead, or something like a Form?
Do you know of any app that could imitate this kind of request?

@clk66 maybe try a chatbot/Virtual Power Agent instead.