CQ Direct Routing Assigned calling ID show Resource account deleted

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yesterday I recognized in the MS Teams Admin center some entries in Voice-CQ are strange. The resource account that was assigned as calling ID in the CQ is shown as deleted. Agents can still call out by using it but nobody here delete the resource account and the account is still shown under Resource Accounts in the MS Teams Admin Center.Did somebody else have the same behavior or know something about it ?

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@SuHu Yes - same issue


To be honest - it's not something I've used before so was looking to set it up from new. Whatever resource account is added to the caller ID, once saved and you go back in. It says Resource Account has been deleted. Although it hasn't....


Agents don't get the option to call out from the resource account I did put in unlike your scenario though. MS bug I suspect.

Same issue : MS Teams call queues = all resources account are deleted
..did you to setup a teams channel for the agents of that call queue ?..maybe you have already seen the documentation here:


Facing the same issue, Noticed Yday. Thought it could be a bug which gets fixed automatically, but still the issue exists 

We have the same issue, Caller ID reports 'resource account deleted' in the call queue settings

Functionality on the Team>channel seems to work ok, when dialing from the channel dialpad I can select the resource acount caller ID ok.

I have also noticed in the Teams admin console that some of the resource accounts do not appear from time to time, even though they are in AD and powershell.

Look like a bug that microsoft need to address
Same issue for us as well
I have the same issue myself. I have a ticket open with Microsoft. They know about it and are discussing it among themselves. They called me for remote access but I didn't have the time to let them on my computer right now.
They're going to try to call back in a couple hours.
Ah, good to know, I have also opened a service request and will have a call with MS on monday. So they have minimum 2 tickets for this case :)



Make that 3 tickets, we raised one too :)

If anyone has a solution after talking with MS I would love you for posting it.
I had to postpone my callback with them for a job site visit. :(
Support answer:

Your request xxxxxxxx has been updated. To add additional comments, please reply to this email.
Hello Mr xxxxxxx,

I thank you for your feedback.

To follow up on your request, I checked yesterday with our support if there was a general incident which was declared for the same problem encountered, we noted that there was the same behavior with our tenant.
Please provide us with the following information in order to escalate your request to the support dedicated to this Type of malfunction.

-What is the affected area?
-Have you tested on another network? What was the result?
-Please collect Get-CsOnlineUser from the affected resource account.
-Please collect a Get-CsCallQueue for the affected call queue.
-Collect Teams log files:
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Support said:
"...The problem was also reproduced and the Product Group is working on it. There is not a declared  incident yet. 
.....the problem is  an error not affecting the CQ  functionality, just  a visualization issue in the Teams Admin Center.."


I spent an hour on the phone with them as they stepped through everything again and again and recorded everything. My issue was corrected, (outbound phone number was displaying the wrong number) but this one was not. Since the functionality of the system is unaffected by this resource deleted issue, they were going to monitor and follow up today before closing the ticket.

So, same response you got.

Update from Support:
"..Just to inform you that the Product Group is developing a fix for this issue.
Unfortunately we have not and estimated resolution time but should not be longer than 2 weeks.

I've been having the same issues for several weeks. I've rebuilt our system including all resource accounts, call queues, and auto-attendants from scratch and I still show that the assigned resource account I apply to the calling ID in the call queue is displaying "resource account deleted". When trying to call from the number, our team phone forwards the call and plays a message to the user that they are not setup for this feature.

Problem solved in our tenant. In CQ the resource account in "Assign Calling ID" is now shown again.
Same here, problem solved
Yes, this is fixed for me as well.