CPU usage is going high


Hi everyone,


I am facing this issue at every instance:  CPU usage is going high by several instances of Teams.

Action taken includes:

1. I have restarted Teams

2. Clear cache 

3. Reboot Teams. All of these solution work temporarily and issue still reoccur, I need permanent solution.

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Hello @ayenco  High CPU is a known issue in Teams and there are a lot of articles online with remedies to address that.  I'll put two of them here but I encourage you to keep looking if the problem persists.  Hope it helps:


High Memory and CPU usage of Microsoft Teams. - Microsoft Community


Fix Microsoft Teams High CPU and Memory Usage - Technipages

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I would like to be a little be more precise here: there are a lot of articles that might help to address the performance problems you are having with Teams, bu there are not guarantees you will solve all of them. Unfortunately that's the situation we have Today, but the Team is working hard to improve Teams Client performance, so we have to be patient