Count emails as publications in channels

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When emails are sent to a channel, they dont appears in the analytics view of the channel.

Why this behaviour ? How to count the volume of emails sent to a given channel?


Thx in advance

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@benoit_lamarsaude Hi, not sure about your second question but the reason for the first would be that the email message once it arrives in a channel is essentially posted as a channel message and for me that is why it would be included in the analytics.


It basically is just a message with the email attached and any attachments are added into the underlying SharePoint site, within the auto generated folder for attachments.





@henryarphillips365thx for your reply.

My problem is that email messages are not included in the analytics. I have channel with hundred of email and zero activity reported in the activity of the channel.



Ah, my bad.


If I get some time I will see what I can find out for you.





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@benoit_lamarsaude I had no luck like yourself I am afraid and couldn't find a conclusive answer either, other than the fact there were some entries like this on User Voice:

So for now all I can say is to up vote the above, another you think matches better or start your own and get people voting for it.