Corresponding policy settings for each coexisting mode

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Is there anywhere to see which policy settings (meetings, messaging, calling) we should set for a user if we set TeamsUpgradeMode to SfBOnly or SfBWithCollab respectively? Or is it only the warning message you get in Powershell that direct you?

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For SfB Only just remove the Teams License.


SfB with Collab can be simulated by removing all 4 ways of scheduling meetings from the meeting policy and turning off chat in the messaging policy.


Eventually these modes are supposed to configure the client directly, but I've not seen any timeline for when.

Have you tested having users in SfB Only mode, setting all policies to AllOff and assign them the Teams license? Anything to look out for in that setup? To me it looks like it will give them the opportunity to be part of teams but still be using SfB for chat and meetings.
Do you happen to know if there is a way for SfB users to attend a meeting being signed in with their account? Currently they need to sign in anonymously meaning that they get to the lobby and that they don't have access to meeting notes.

I've certainly turned off chat and meetings for a customer, then they just get the Teams and Channels.


What stopping these users from joining meetings using the account they have logged into Teams with ? From the client, calendar and then join meeting ?

The thing stopping them is that they don't have a Teams license. It would be ok to assign them the license if we could allow them to only attend meetings with the license and not use Teams in any other way.

You will always have the collaboration parts of Teams (the Teams tab) when the user have a license.


If you have Azure AD P1 you can prevent people from creating new Teams, but the tab would still exist. Assign a license and set messaging and meeting policies to prevent their use.


It's not a *good* solution, but clearly most people's aim is to allow people to benefit from using Teams. 

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