Corporate Teams background images gone

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we just discovered that since yesterday the corporate Teams background images we provided via Teams Admin Center -> Meeting policies are all gone and the button to add new ones is missing.

They are missing in both web and desktop application, they seem to be still working in iOS App (but could also be just some kind of caching there?)


Is the removal of backgrounds part of Teams Premium? Have there been any changes? Is this related to some kind of licensing issues?

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@MarcelK1785 This should still be working. But just went to the place and cannot see them myself :S




We have the same phenomenon in our company. Glad to see that we are not alone

I stumpled upon Teams Premium which I've never heard of before and I read about changes starting December. I don't hope they remove this feature to implement it into Teams Premium...
Heard about it at the ignite. The announcement page does not mention that this is a feature of it.
No there is nothing new announced i saw today that it is working a gain after a while. Have you tried the Powershell solution?
No did not try powershell, because it seems weird as there have been multiple backgrounds uploaded and they are gone now. So it's not just the UI that is missing. I will wait until the end of the week if they miraculously appear again... If not I will dive into powershell
First user reporting this was dec 6., I tested then and no issues.
Today, they are gone, and several other users report the same.
Cannot find any official info from Microsoft regarding this.
Loved the feature, manually deploying them to users are not an option.
It seems a bug so should be solved later..

We are also missing this functionality. I'll submit a support call and see what they say. I have not tried any PowerShell activity to resolve this as of now. @MarcelK1785 

Support call has been submitted and will follow up if I hear anything useful back from MS support.

Hey ! Same thing here... Would be good to know what happens...

Is this a bug following an update or a feature they just removed...

Happy to have information if someone know.

Thanks !

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@Bahatjez This is a known issue. You can see this in your Office 365 admin Service health portal with issue number TM481007

Admins may be unable to access the “Customize meeting images” feature in the Teams admin center

TM481007, Last updated: December 7, 2022 3:24 PM
Estimated start time: December 6, 2022 11:11 AM

Here is the latest update:

Title: Admins may be unable to access the “Customize meeting images” feature in the Teams admin center

User Impact: Admins may be unable to access "Customize meeting images" under the "Meeting Policies" tab in the Teams admin center.

More info: Admins report seeing the issue manifest in a few, different ways. While some admins report getting an error when clicking the feature, others state that the button is grayed out or missing entirely.

Current status: We've developed and validated a fix that has begun deploying to the affected environment and expect that it will complete by our next scheduled update.

Scope of impact: Any admin attempting to access the “Customize meeting images” feature in the Teams admin center may be affected.

Start time: Thursday, December 1, 2022, 3:00 AM (8:00 AM UTC)

Estimated time to resolve: We expect that the issue will be fully resolved by the end of Thursday, December 8, 2022.

Root cause: A recent feature deployment, intended to improve the user license checking process, contains code issue which is causing impact.

Next update by: Thursday, December 8, 2022, 5:00 PM (10:00 PM UTC)

We have the same here as well.
Unless the users have the license "Advanced Communications" then it still works.


Thanks for the hint ! :)

Chiming in to say that our org is experiencing the same.  I am able to get to the Teams Admin custom image setting even with the degradation, but all users are unable to see the backgrounds on the desktop client even though they are in %Appdata%Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds.  It's almost as if Teams is no longer pulling images other than the defaults.


Edit:  We use E3 licensing, FWIW

The "Custom meeting images" button in the top right screen of the Teams Meeting policies has reappeared this morning after being gone yesterday. Clicking on it shows our custom backgrounds and that it is enabled. However, they are still missing when users start a meeting  and click on Background filters even though the images do exist in %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds.


Also, how does one speak to a human in support? Both Microsoft Business Support: 1-800-865-9408 and sends me back to the Teams Admin Center which doesn't give me any way to contact support.





Type in a random issue, then at the bottom hit contact support.  The next window will open with your partners if you have any, but at the bottom will be a button to open a request with Microsoft.  That is, if you have a support plan I assume.



@HexYeahThank you for that. That worked!