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I couldn't find this error message anywhere.  I try to use the online Teams and I get this error message.



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I have a person reporting the same event.  In this case, she is testing with an external ID, that was invited to a Team.  The external ID successfully authenticates to Entra, but unable to access the Team.

Getting same error, did you find any resolution?

@wardt9   No resolution, it randomly started working.  She was attempting to use the Teams Web app.  I wish I knew the root cause of it.

Like you, this randomly started today after a reboot.
Fix for me was to goto Settings.....Apps....Microsoft teams...Reset.

@Chachi222 This resolved it for me after a reinstall failed - thanks!

Came in today and issue was resolved without further input, very odd.
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Hello Tyler,

We are experiencing the same problem. I did research on the problem and created a bat file as a result of my experiments.When I cleared the cache files and the problem was solved.You need to delete old teams.I would be happy to share the solution with you.


@echo off
echo Teams işlemleri durduruluyor...

taskkill /f /im ms-teams.exe

echo Teams onbellek dosyalari siliniyor...
rmdir /s /q "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Teams\Cache"
rmdir /s /q "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Teams\Cache"
rmdir /s /q


echo Teams onbellek dosyaları başarıyla temizlendi.






Thank you.  This deep reset worked for me.  Much appreciated  :)