Copying Teams Link Creates Multiple Separate Meetings

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I created a recurring Teams meeting. I don't recall whether the meeting was created in Outlook or in Teams, however the link for the meeting is on both calendars. The meeting link is also copied and pasted onto an agenda. There are multiple external partners who attend this monthly meeting. This morning there were three separate meetings created from that link. I opened the meeting from my Teams calendar about 15 ahead of schedule and was alone. A few minutes before the start of the meeting I exited and joined the meeting from my Outlook calendar and discovered one of the presenters waiting in that meeting. I then entered the meeting using the link on the agenda and found most of the attendees waiting for me to start the meeting. I have seen similar problems posted here. What is the solution? Why is a meeting link not a meeting link?

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Hello, surely this must have been a service error. The meeting link is the one meeting. And as long as that has been verified that they are/where identical you should open up a support ticket for further investigation. If you're not an admin reach out to him or her for assistance.

@ChristianJBergstrom Not sure what you mean by a service error This has happened to me before with a different meeting and a web search shows that others have encountered the same issue. I work for a large state agency. Getting this resolved through a service ticket is not likely to happen soon. I was hoping that someone in the Microsoft community would recognize thae problem and have a solution. Overall Teams has proven to be a challenge to use for meetings involving partners outside the agency.

I'm sorry to hear that. But how are you planning on finding a solution for something that must be (most likely at least) an error caused by a service degradation? A copy of a meeting link does not create additional separate meetings.