Copying Meeting link from phone app

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When you look at meeting details there's a link at the bottom in the message area with the 'Join Meeting Link' but from the phone there's no option to "right click" and copy link like there is on the desktop version. How do I copy this link for a meeting series?
(I need to gather all the links for a couple of different series for administration purposes).
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This seems to be the by default feature in Microsoft Teams Application.  I double checked with my Teams Application on my Mobile Device Too it is showing the same behavior. I am able to copy the Hyperlink from the Desktop Client but I am unable to do the same from the Mobile Device.


The Meeting link on the Mobile device is more from joining the Teams Meeting. As an alternative solution you can perform the following:-


Can you please use the Microsoft Outlook to copy the Microsoft Teams Meeting link? You should be able to copy the same from the Microsoft Outlook.


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How can i copy the link from ms teams in ms outlook?

One workaround to pulling a Teams meeting URL when on the mobile phone is to go to the Teams app, open the meeting, click the "Share" icon and pick an application (eg messages). Once the message is composed, you can copy the Teams meeting URL from there