Copying a SharePoint LIST from a Team to another Team

So after a couple of hours trying to move a fairly simple SharePoint list to another Team - I did some research and it's not as easy as I thought! I tried to export it to Excel - then import it - but ActiveX stopped me I tried to import the Structure of the list - the columns went in, but no Data I can see from research that the "List Template" function doesn't work for O365 SharePoint Lists? I tried copying and pasting from the Excel into a List with the same columns - wouldn't work either. So - in simple terms what is the easiest way to Copy a list from one SharePoint (Team) to another SharePoint (Team)?
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Have you tried the SharePoint Migration wizard? Pretty sure it can do lists and do them well now.

Otherwise other 3rd party toolssonce there really isn’t a good way right now. One is coming with the list revamp shown at ignite.

Thanks Chris, I continued to puzzle and solved it... I Downloaded the SharePoint List as Excel I then used the "Table Design" option in Excel to "Export" - then "Export Table to SharePoint List" Once I pointed it to the right SharePoint - Teams URL - et Voila it worked... Thanks for picking up and replying though... Cheers.

AFAIK, the SharePoint migration tool does not support SPO as migration only supports SP 2013 and File Share. Actually Joony's approach is a good one to move lists contents...other approaches:
1) Third party migration tool
2) Extract list definition by means of PnP / Site Scripts & Site Designs and deploy it to the new site. Then, create a simple PS scripts that reads list items in the source list and copy them to the destination list

Hi, @Jonny Rowley 

I realize this as a 2021 answer to a 2019 post, but this post deserves a real answer.


Saving the list as a template is still possible in modern Microsoft 365 team sites; you have to have your SharePoint admin unhide the option using PowerShell, then he/she will create and download the template and upload it to the other site to make it available as a "app" in the classic app gallery.  If there is very little data, the data may be included in the template, if you wish.


To Enable List Template Gallery on a Team Site:


Set-SPOSite -Identity -DenyAddAndCustomizePages 0


Copying and pasting data from list to list also works fine using Grid View, similar to doing Excel to Excel.  The caveat is the source and target lists must have columns in common -- I usually create views on the source and target that are optimized for this, by hiding columns that are not involved, e.g. Created By, Created, Modified By, and Modified.  And, just like in Excel, when pasting a range, if you double-click inside the target cell, the whole range pastes into the one cell -- so, don't double-click the target cell.  (Tip:  Click a nearby cell and use the arrow keys on the keyboard to get to the target cell, then paste with CTRL+V.)