Copy Link is not an option

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I wish to share a link to a specific message in Teams chat ... however only options are


Save this message

Mark as unread

Share to Outlook




the ability to copy a link to a chat message is extremely handy ... its available on say Slack why not on Teams ?   or perhaps its a config setting disabled at my work ?



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@Vasil Michev wrote:
It's available for Teams channel messages, but not for chat messages. And it kind of makes sense, as the latter are private by design and the link can only be used by direct participants in the chat (1:1 or group).

This definitely does NOT make sense.

  • I often need to reference messages for later action myself or to others who were part of the chat.
  • Such referencing is not necessarily in the MS universe and I therefore need a link.
  • If someone outside the chat does click the link, what's the problem?  Teams will block their access anyway and so no harm done.

I do this constantly in Slack, but is a serious omission from Teams.  No wonder for many of my colleagues, using Teams instead of Slack (we use both) for chat is a grudge choice.


Have you ever tried to find an important message somewhere in all the chats you have in Teams??!!!

You can save messages, but all you're doing then is reducing the problem slightly depending on how many messages you save - in my case it would need to be many.



Agree ... one day the option is there, and the next it isn't. Definitely a bug.

@Chris1325 MS Products at large organisations are typically chosen by upper management who rarely use them like you or I. MS heavily Markets a set of basic features to these people, one of which is price. Since Teams is completely free with a large 365 environment, it doesn't have to be a good product, it simply has to exist.

When management hear buzzwords like "collaboration tools" or "team chat" the first place they go is where they've always gone, Microsoft. Compared with Slack, Teams always wins not because it's a good product, but because for management, free means good, regardless of how much frustration, downtime and inefficiency it causes to end-users.

@ALSORob and constant rebranding,  name change after name change to where one wonders if there's something embedded in the Windows kernel that prevents it frobe rebranded as Microsofts marketing dept does routinely.  Helps justify that depts budget if names are ever in flux